Proud to have contributed to this impressive volume the entry on the Right to be Forgotten, together with Paul de Hert.

Kείμενό μου (μαζί με τον Paul de Hert) σε αυτή την, εντυπωσιακή, Συλλογή-Εγκυκλοπαίδεια, για το, διαρκώς επίκαιρο, “Δικαίωμα στη Λήθη – Right to be Forgotten”.

More Information:

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Law and Data Science represents a comprehensive mapping of the field. Comprising over 60 entries, it features contributions from eminent global scholars, drawing on expertise from multiple disciplines, including law and data science, economics, computer engineering, physics, biomedical engineering and history, philosophy, neuro-engineering, political science, and geo-informatics.

This Encyclopedia brings together jurists, computer scientists, and data analysts to uncover the challenges, opportunities, and fault lines that arise as these groups are increasingly thrown together by expanding attempts to regulate and adapt to a data-driven world. It explains the concepts and tools at the crossroads of the many disciplines involved in data science and law, bridging scientific and applied domains. Entries span algorithmic fairness, consent, data protection, ethics, healthcare, machine learning, patents, surveillance, transparency and vulnerability.

Comprehensive yet accessible, this Encyclopedia will be an indispensable resource for scholars of law, data science, artificial intelligence and law and technology. It also  contains practical implications for a manifold of users: from domain experts to policy makers, from businesses to practitioners.