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Prof. Spiros Simitis, ‘Father of Data Protection’, passes away

Some words for his unique contribution to the EU data protection acquis - By Professor Vagelis Papakonstantinou  A few days ago, on 18 March 2023, Prof. Spiros Simitis passed away. Prof. Simitis was the ‘father of data protection’ and, also, my Doktorvater. This blog post is therefore a small tribute to him and an account of what he

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Fifth anniversary of the EU PNR Directive – la route vers la CJUE

This is the fifth webinar in the new Enforcing Europe - Webinar Series 1. The Webinar Series is co-organised with the University of Luxembourg within the framework of the joint research project MATIS (co-funded by FWO and FNR). The Webinar Series is in media partnership with Privacy Laws & Business. This event is co-organised with the Cyber & Data Security

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Post GDPR EU laws and their GDPR mimesis. DGA, DSA, DMA and the EU regulation of AI

Published in European Law Blog, 1.04.2021 By  Vagelis Papakonstantinou and Paul De Hert, 1. GDPR mimesis as the only regulatory method? EU regulatory work on technology-related fronts has recently spiked. The EU has been extremely busy implementing its European Digital Strategy. Over a short period it has released a draft Digital Governance Act (DGA), a Digital Services Act

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EU sanctions against cyber-attacks and defense rights: Wanna Cry?

Published in europeanlawblog.eu, 28.09.2020 By Franck Dumortier, Vagelis Papakonstantinou and Paul De Hert, On July 30th 2020, within the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), the Council of the European Union has imposed its first ever “targeted restrictive measures” against six Chinese and Russian individuals as well as three legal entities – two located

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