Dimitra Markopoulou and Vagelis Papakonstantinou have just published their latest article, «The regulatory framework for the protection of critical infrastructures against cyberthreats: Identifying shortcomings and  addressing future challenges: The case of the health sector in particular» in the Computer Law & Security Review, Volume 41 .


The concept of “Critical Infrastructures” is constantly evolving in order to reflect current concerns and to respond to new challenges, especially in terms of (cyber)security and resilience. Protection of critical infrastructures against numerous threats has therefore developed into a high priority at national and EU level. During the last two decades a new type of threat has prevailed in the Critical Infrastructure threat landscape, that of cyberattacks; Protection against them is the primary focus of this paper. In order to do so the analysis first aims to drop some light into the differences between Critical Infrastructures and Critical Information Infrastructures, terms that are often confused, and to indicate possible inadequacies in the applicable protection regulatory regime. Finally, the health sector has been chosen as a sector-specific case in an effort to demonstrate how protection of a Critical Infrastructure, challenged as it has been with a constantly increasing number of cyber incidents, could be sufficiently protected in the new digitalised era.